About Us

We are a small kennel that my mother started out of Chicago, IL. We purchased our first Alaskan Malamute in 1970 “Chick A Boom Polar Queen”. She is in pedigrees of Alaskan Malamute all over the world today. 

We found out early on that our dogs could be more then just good pets.. they made great show dogs..

Since then we have bred and owned the first two multiple Best In Show females (mother & daughter) in US breed history & the youngest Best In Show Winner In US breed history at (just 15 months) old. We own two of the top producing stud dogs in breed history. We currently own the Top Alaskan Malamute for IL/WI area for 2018 & 2019 AMCA & two boys in the top 10 All systems for 2019. We produced numerous Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, National Specialty, Top Producers & Top Winners… all with limited breeding.

We breed for good health, sound temperaments & follow the AKC standard. And after 40 years of breeding we stayed true to the standard by breeding well balanced dogs with a beautiful soft expression.

I am currently located in McHenry, IL. All our dogs are raised in our house and run on our fenced acre lot.

All our dogs have the following health clearances
– OFA Hips good to excellent
– Elbows normal
– Eye Certified normal each year
– Polyneuropathy normal
– Cardiac normal
– Thyroid normal